2018 Acura ILX Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The Acura ILX is an affordable, four-door sedan targeted at those who require an affordable and comfortable vehicle for their commute. This year’s model is the debut model year for production of the ILX. The vehicles that compete are that of the Buick Verano, Audi A3 Lexus CT 200h, Volkswagen Jetta and Lincoln MKZ.


If you’re in search of an affordable commuter car that has a touch of style and cutting-edge technology this Acura ILX is a good choice to consider. Although the vehicle doesn’t have a lot of performance or other features however, it offers excellent gas mileage and quality to take you to town without much hassle. The 2.4 model has greater power and faster acceleration, however the handling is not much better, which could be disappointing for all driver.

Trims and Pricing

Acura manufactures the ILX available in six different trim levels including the base 2.0 and the base 2.0 that comes with Premium packages and the base 2.0 that comes with Technology as well as the base 2.4 that comes with the premium package Hybrid as well as Hybrid that comes with Technology. Its base 2.0 and Hybrid are equipped with several items of standard equipment like ignition and keyless entry 16-inch wheels with power windows, sunroof, power locks tilt and telescoping steering wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, dual zones with auto climate control, rearview camera, as well as an audio system that includes six speakers, an auxiliary sound connector, CD player, Pandora integration, and USB/iPod interface. Premium models have the identical features and include leather upholstery, heated front seats, 17-inch wheels foglights, xenon-based headlights power-adjustable driver seat as well as a high-quality rearview camera satellite radio, seven speakers, and an active noise cancelling system (except the Hybrid versions). Technology models expand on the features of the Premium model, including an audio system with surround sound as well as digital music storage, and the use of a hard drive-based navigation system. The ILX is sold with an initial invoice of $27,000 for a basic 2.0 model, and an MSRP of around $29,000. A 2.0 premium package increases the value by about $1,000. MSRP of the vehicle, while the Hybrid trim adds an additional $1000. As a member, you will always get an upfront price , which includes certain savings, along with a hassle-free purchasing experience with your certified dealer.

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Engine and Performance

Acura provides 2.0 models with a two-liter four-cylinder engine capable of generating up to 150 horsepower as well as 140 pounds of torque. Front-wheel drive and five-speed automatic transmission are available as standard. Estimates of fuel economy come in at 24 mpg for city driving 35 mpg when on the highway, and 28 mpg when combined. The 2.4 Premium is the most efficient model. 2.4 Premium, Acura blesses the ILX with an 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that puts out 170 lbs-feet of torque. The only transmission option is one with a six-speed manual and front-wheel-drive is the sole choice for driving. The estimates for fuel economy are slightly lower , at 22 mpg for city driving while 31 mpg are on the highway, and 25 mpg combined in highway and city driving. Hybrid models feature the 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. The drivetrain is also equipped with an electric motor which makes up Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist, a technology that relies on the electric motor providing power boosts. It can also draw energy from the braking. The Hybrid’s combined output for its engine is 111 horsepower, and 127 pound-feet torque. Acura only comes with the continuously variable transmission, or CVT. The estimates for fuel consumption are impressive at 39 mpg for city driving and 38 mpg on the highway, and 38 mpg when combined.


Acura offers two-tone dark grey and cream interior, allowing buyers to choose between cream or dark grey seats. The interior is modern but little crowded. After further examination, one can see that the controls located in the middle stack is arranged according to the purpose of the controls and are spacious enough to be accessible while driving on the road. The fit and finish is top-quality However, the materials used in the interior aren’t as high as those found in rival automobiles. What makes the interior stand out is the technological aspect. Acura has the 5-inch touchscreen display, which is located in the middle in the central stack. It allows the driver to manage several informational features. One of the most unique features that Acura offers is its capability to convert messages sent from a connected phone into speech, assisting the driver talk to his passengers via messages while keeping eyes focused on the road. The touchscreen features an easy navigation system even through city streets. The interior space is adequate particularly for a compact car. Front seats feel comfortable but soft enough to feel comfortable for longer drives. The back seat area is very spacious for a compact vehicle, with enough room for adults of all ages to relax in relative ease. Its 12.4 cubic feet is standard, however the small trunk opening makes fitting larger objects difficult. Hybrid models have only 10 cubic feet of space in the trunk due to the infiltration of the battery in the electric motor.

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